About stuff (including me and writing)

About stuff (including me and writing)

So anyway, hi! I'm Rini and I write about stuff. If, that is, we define "culture" as "the stuff that makes us, us." Which we do!

In a post called "Rini, off the end of Catherine," you can read about my name, my culture, and my blogging stuff.

And in "Some essays," you can follow links (published elsewhere) to a few essays I wrote about movies and education, not necessarily in that order or related.

Here's a picture my mom recently sent me of my dad and me doing construction work many, many years ago. It could be a visual metaphor, I guess, and certainly hints at a story. I like those.*

* I (surprisingly, since I have a habit of remembering) have no memory of what we were building or how it turned out. You know what they say, "the construction is the product" (except, substitute "journey" and "destination" probably).#

# I learned how to construct in college when I was a Theatre major. (I learned how to deconstruct when I was an English major. I learned how to reconstruct when I was a cultural studies major.)

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