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Monday, March 13, 2006

all good things

Yesterday I bought some expensive tomatoes (though the cheapest ones in the store... thus the anecdote) to go with my cheap pre-washed lettuce. After I'd paid I discovered the cashier rang them up wrong, so I stood in line to get my $1.69 difference back. Store policy turned out to be that I got the whole $6.46 back since they made a mistake. Free tomatoes. It doesn't get much better than that.

This weekend I finally took a big box of stuff I'd been meaning to take to the Salvation Army since I moved down here in August. Going through the collection first, I discovered three pairs of pants I'd given up on ever again fitting into. I kept them all instead of taking them to Sallie's, because I've lost 18 pounds since October and now they're comfy-loose.

I just found out my French class is canceled for tomorrow morning.

I hope if you read my little blog good things are happening for you, too.


Rini said...

I forgot to mention that I called the cable company this morning to cut back on my channels so I can save money, and they reduced my bill by 1/3 without cutting any service. (Shoulda called months ago.)

Anonymous said...

Eighteen pounds since October. Wow. Anyway I guess there's hope for those who save things they 'hope' they may some day fit into [again]. That is, if they can ever become disciplined like you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and then how to save money on phone and email, I guess just call the companies?

Rini said...

No, the moral of the story of the pants was I wasn't saving things I hoped I'd fit into again. I'd had them sitting by the door to give away to someone skinnier for months - even forgot they were in there. So, first give up hope. Then all your dreams will come true.