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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Are you like me? (or, Georgiana moved)

Thought I'd share.

I just turned in the last papers I hope ever to write for university classes. Ever.

Don't get me wrong, I recognize that over the next two years as I take language exams in the fall, read for and take my subject exams in December and then propose and write my dissertation, all while heading back to full-time teaching and department chairing, I'm probably gonna stress out from time to time.

And I'll have a pile of essays and exams to grade here in just a few days.


I just completed coursework for my Ph.D.

It's been a long (and gas-guzzling) three years.

Let's bowl.

Oh, and I'm Walking 20 miles for Hunger on Sunday. It's a beautiful week.


Anonymous said...

OK, I guess you're bringing your bowling shoes. We could go twice a day or every other day.

Anonymous said...

All done on a Wednesday night and didn't even call because you weren't on the turnpike I guess.


How's the hip twinge? Are you going to be able to make the 20 miles? Weather still look bad?