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Thursday, May 25, 2006


In the words of Gordon "Sting-a-ling-a-ding-dong" Sumner, "That's it, break's over."

Vacationed with fam in TX. Played games of "Who do you like better?" (The Olive Garden or Taco Bell, cold sores or hacking coughs, etc.), attended elementary school musical, helped move a couch and love seat across town. You know, the usual vacation stuff.

Back in Mass. Attending meetings all day during which a small group of colleagues and I supposably discuss books and movies under consideration for our First Year Seminar. In actually we talk about life's adventures, local restaurants, movies we're not considering (MI3), and how no one ever does what we want them to with the syllabus we give them.

Just got to the office after taking a friend to a 7:00 bus at South Station in Boston this morning. Driving into Boston in the morning is fun. Seriously. I beat all the traffic both ways, and didn't get lost.

Close on my condo in less than a week and I have a feeling I'm missing lots of stuff (paperwork). It's scary but should be fun.

"Rini," my 4-year-old nephew Daniel said randomly across a crowded table in the midst of family hubbub at a Vietnamese restaurant in TX, "I really like you a lot." Can't beat that. (Except for the fun fact that my 14-year-old nephew has a girlfriend. And a cellphone.)

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