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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Went to a nice local taco dive with my next-door-neighbor Val last night. She's nice.

So nice that she broke into my apartment with my AAA card when we got back, because when we went out my door to leave, I grabbed the keys sitting on the counter where I leave mine, closed my door which automatically locks, then tried to lock the bolt, only to discover that I had her keys (which look a lot like mine). While she was duplicating the "you can break in with a credit card" trick someone had taught her, our other neighbor Nancy came home and she loaned me her phone (I'd left mine home, because I was just going downstairs to dinner, why would I need it?) to call a locksmith (because if there's one thing I am, it's a quitter and a non-believer in exceptional possibilities, like Val's being able to break into my place; okay that's two things I am), and then Nancy's kitty Renegade came out to play in the hallway, and when Val got the door open (just as the line was ringing for the locksmith, and she yelled, "Hang up!") I brought Buddy out to meet his little neighbor. Which was sweet. (I didn't bring Georgianna out, because she would have eaten the neighbor kitty or ripped him to shreds, and that wouldn't be neighborly.) Lessons #28 and #6: Val can break into people's houses. Now I'll always lock my bolt - which I only occasionally did before - and (maybe) never leave the handle so it automatically locks. She also showed me how to get in the front door downstairs with a passcode (that someone else told her, so it's not hers) instead of my key, but I, not being the common criminally-minded type she is, promptly forgot the code.

The tacos were the bomb.

And this morning the Internet access I've been using was gone at my house, so I made my way to the local public library, which is beautiful and stately and old and accommodating. Don't you love neighbors and neighborhoods.

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Mrs. SeƱora Cobbey said...

Yes, neighbors & neighborhoods rock. My neighbors on the south are really nice, friendly retirees who spend their time on their house, fixing up old garage finds in order to sell them in a fleamarket, bringing lunch to the "sweet lil' girls working at the Bible school" and just hanging out. I like the look of my new neighborhood - it's neat, quiet and pretty.