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Monday, September 25, 2006

What kind of world...?

Is Goldilocks the hero of her story? Are we supposed to admire her? I forget what brings her to the Bears' house in the first place. Was she lost, starved, exhausted, maybe even abandoned? We're definitely not supposed to judge her for the liberties she takes with Other Characters' Property, right?

Someone's been eating my cheese.

If you know me, and I know some of you think you do, you know my love for the cheese. Sometimes in my lowest moments, just a bite or three of cheese is enough to break through the clouds. I keep individually packaged cheese sticks in the little faculty/staff fridge at the end of our hallway. Once (and on hard days, sometimes twice) a day, I'll pop out my door, grab a piece or two of cheese, and maybe a diet cola if I've remembered to restock, and head back into my office to enjoy the nourishment (physical and emotional) of a slice of happiness-I-mean-cheese.

Last Monday, the whole package was gone when I popped over for a bite. (Plus two cans of diet Pepsi.)

This morning, a couple of pieces were missing from the replacement pack.

Do I:
a) get my own fridge, kept locked in my office
2) pray for my enemy, in their desparation or depravity
iii) blog about it, wondering how in the world it's come to this...?

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Mrs. SeƱora Cobbey said...

Do you think that blue cheese comes packaged like string cheese? That could jolt someone to reality very quickly if they are expecting a mild tasting cheese and end up tasting a very sharp & pungent cheese reminiscent of penicillin. That would be funny. Or maybe you could inject tabasco sauce in the cheese. That would teach the thief a lesson. But that's just me.... I don't know if that's your style. You could always just post your thoughts on your blog and maybe carry a cooler to work.