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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Day

1. Beautiful, warm, safe home.
1a. Windows
2. The ocean.
3. A running car with no payments.
4. Days off.
5. Avocadoes.
6. Tomatoes - growing in my warm, safe, beautiful home!
7. Vacuums.
8. Catties and friends.
8a. Buddy's so cute!!!
9. Friends (deserve a line apart from catties).
10. Health.
11. Airplanes.
12. Funny stuff and people.
12a. Good ideas of all kinds from all sources.
13. Pretty good cellphone service.
14. Hot water.
14a. Plumbing of all kinds.
15. Grace.
16. Conversation.
17. Family.

(art by nephew Daniel; that's me with the brown hair and wicked long legs, being thankful)

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