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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Update, looking back, moving forward

Since Thanksgiving I have,

Been pleasantly surprised and unpleasantly disappointed, in about equal proportions.

Begun wearing eyeshadow. It's fun. (Last experienced during a little time we know and love as the '80s.)

Cleaned up countless messes.

Marveled to myself on how much garbage "me and my house" generate on a regular basis.

Marveled at how metaphor-and-literal-saturated my observations on life can be. (I just did that right now; it hasn't been a regular post-Thanksgiving occurence.)

Graded approximately 140-180 (who really is counting?) projects, papers, presentations.

Eaten junk food nearly every day.

Been bitten on the face twice.

Before Christmas I will have,

Written and graded three final exams (65 total).

Graded approximately 75 more papers, presentations, projects.

Wrestled with desire and guilt surrounding junk food nearly every day.

Cleaned up after approximately 4-6 mini-seizures, barring miraculous recovery.

Been bitten on the face once.

Performed as a donkey.

Slept very little.

Been pleasantly surprised and unpleasantly disappointed a few times.


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Mrs. SeƱora Cobbey said...

Eyeshadow?! Hmmm....thought I would never see the day. Next thing you know, you'll be flat ironing your hair and wearing brightly colored Christmas jewelry (not as a joke.)