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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vision Quest

Lately, in the way of "pet names," I've been calling Buddy "sweet pea" and sometimes "cute pea."

But his Indian name will surely be "Accidental Pee."


p.s. For my medically-inclined readership, if you click on this photo and move over to his face, you can see what I mean by Buddy's "third eyelids" showing. This photo (courtesy of Ivy League trained photographer Karin) was taken in June, right before he got wicked sick. His third eyelids show almost all the time now, and my reading indicates it means he's dehydrated or in pain. He is so not dehydrated. Last week's vet had nothing to say in response to this observation, beyond giving me the correct vocabulary: his nictitating membrane. Poor little pea.

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