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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Today's entry is by guest-blogger Dad.

Yesterday afternoon, since it was warm, Nels and I went to the Dallas Nature Center, he for a walk/run and I for a sit/read. There's a porch-type swing back in the butterfly garden. We were sitting there for a while before he left on his walk. Two men approached us on their way further into the jungle. They stopped and one got out a binocular set and started looking into the trees where a bird was calling. The other man, a chubby friendly looking man said hello to us, and the other older serious man said Shhhh!! He went a little further, got his camera off his shoulder, took his shoes off, put his walking stick down and slowly walked on the path into the jungle, looking up. In a couple of minutes the chubby man followed carrying his own stick and wearing his shoes. Ten minutes or so later he came back and smiled and said It sure is a nice day. Picked up the other fellow's shoes and stick and went back into the jungle.

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