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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yo la tengo!

It's Spring Break, and that means I'm holing up at home cramming for a Spanish translation exam I take next Monday in hopes of moving forward with my degree once again.

My days are spent studying Spanish interspersed with catching up on grading and wondering if I'm messing up the catties' plans (since they probably get a lot done when I'm gone during the day but have to play dumb and lazy when I'm home).

And, my nights are spent dreaming weird stress/release dreams that are seeping out the more I unwind from teachering and wind up for studenting.

Last night I was dreaming a little bit in Spanish, though mostly it's French, which is super annoying since I've already taken care of my French requirement and want never to deal with that language again.

And, here's what I was dreaming in Spanish: favorite movie lines.

So, the person to correctly identify the most of the following movie sources (providing either their original English or translated Spanish titles) wins the prize!

"Tengo que ir de compras!"

"No regateo." (O: "Me es indiferente.")

"Estos es para la posteridad. Así pues, sea honesto."

"Ella me dio un bolígrafo, le di mi corazón."

"Puedo admirarle otra vez hoy?"

"¡Pesamos que tú 'fue' un sapo!" (O: "¿Comó es mi pelo?")

"Entiendo es un hombre que sabe consequir cosas."

"Intente no matar a mis perros."

"Beba té. Hay muchos de té."

"Llevé una sandía."

"Nunca tenía ninguna amigos mas adelante como los que tenía cuando era doce."

And, the easy one:
"¿Me gusta el jello?"

Update: You also get points for submitting movie lines for me to translate and identify sources. But, please note (Mónica) the only Jack Black movie I've seen more than once (so would recognize any quotes from) is High Fidelity.


Anonymous said...

OK, I need to be working, but it amused to put some of these in Babelfish and see what kinds of translations they came up with. So, based on the way I was able to interpret their translations, I only could come up with these answers:

4. Say Anything
5. Pretty in Pink
6. O brother where art thou?
7. Shawshank Redemption
8. Emma
10. Dirty Dancing
12. (I didn't need Babelfish for this one, but they translated it as I like jello?) While you were sleeping

So, here's a couple for you from their translation:

1. ¿Habrá cisnes?
2. Esto no es bueno. Esto no es bueno.

Anonymous said...

The above is not from your mother. Extra points if you know who I am.

Rini said...


I'm torn, because philosophically I'm opposed to anonymous communication unless you're my mother who just can't be bothered to type in "Mom" as an identifier. But, I suppose if you were my sister I'd be okay with it, too. You have to be my sister, because who else would quote to me from:

1. "Cuando Un Hombre Ama Una Mujer"
and, I thought about including this one in my original list:
2. "Arma Superior"

Although, if you are my sister, it would seem that you could get some of the others, at least my #3. (And if you were my brother-in-law, married to my other sister, you could get #9.)

But congratulations on your valiant effort thus far. Well played.

Carry on.

Mrs. Señora Cobbey said...

Ah, man! I came too late! But the easy one about Jello is "My Best Friend's Wedding"

I'm not as good as I thought as I was about quotes. I have no idea on the top 4....

I've been meaning to watch "High Fidelity" because when I saw it last, I wasn't a Jack Black fan yet.

Mrs. Señora Cobbey said...

I just figued out the one about posterity....I knew it sounded familiar- "The Princess Bride."

The pen one was "Say Anything"....

I obviously was too late to win but what is the prize?

karin said...

Because I've always been pretty good at following directions:

numero uno: Hermosa Mujer

nueve: Notting Colina

y once: (i had a lot more trouble with a translation for this one, but let's go with...) Soporte Me

Rini said...

Bidding is now closed, and everybody wins! You must come to the radio station, er, my house, to collect your prizes.

Or better yet - everybody's disqualified because nobody got my segundo quotation, which is only from my favorita pelicula. So I'll give you one more try: "Mi. Mi. Mi mi mi. Qué un lío." "¡Es un circo!"