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Friday, May 11, 2007

Nada Cum Laude

STUDENT who still has quite a bit to pull off, after more than four years trying:

"My dad's always saying to me, 'Honey, "D" stands for "Diploma." Just get it done so you can walk at graduation.'"

(P.s. This is actually a smiley story - this is a good kid who's [FINALLY] learned a lot. I have two of 'em walking on the five-to-seven-year plan next weekend, and I'm thinking about reading those honors when I call their names, in addition to the more traditional ones. "Sally Smith, magna cum laude; Jane Jones, who'd've ever thunk it?!; John Brown, summa cum laude; Jack Green, no way! for real?!; Harry Carey, class of '04...)

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