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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Biographical Updates

I was born a poor black child...

Just joshing. Anyway, this entry's not about updating my personal biography, rather my biography-reading resolution.

The good news is, I'm on page 178. The bad news is, my previous post's reference to my Eleanor Roosevelt bio as 500-some pages missed the mark by some 400. Ah well, progress is being made. But seriously, why didn't someone tell me it was going to be so sad?! And frustrating? Who here's glad they weren't a Roosevelt? {{hand raised}} Poor Eleanor apparently was one twice!

Next on my list, should I ever make it through the remaining EIGHT HUNDRED pages of this doozy, is either Under My Skin, volume one of Doris Lessing's autobiography or Carole Klein's bio of Lessing. (I'm more drawn to Particularly Cats:
"Book Description
Here Doris Lessing recounts the cats that have moved and amused her, from her childhood home overrun with kittens, to the wrenching decline of El Magnifico, whose story unfolds in a new essay, appearing here for the first time."

However I don't suppose it technically fits the genre of my resolution.*

Beyond that, I'm open to suggestions. Someone said I should listen to Bill Clinton's memoirs, read by the author, on CD as I drive to-and-from Connecticut again nearly weekly over the next six weeks. If a local library has it I might give it a shot.

If you've read a good or important biography you'd recommend, Sharing is Caring.

*The Genre of My Resolution might make a good biographical chapter title, but not mine as I've never been a particularly resolute type. You can have it if you want it, or if you want me to write your bio for you.

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Mrs. SeƱora Cobbey said...

I read the biography of Helen Keller in my book club. I don't know if it's a must but it was interesting. I thought I knew everything one needed to know about her but I suppose most people just know a little about her childhood because of the movie the "The Miracle Worker." I guess it let me see more of the the "real" person.

That's as much as I can share....and I only did it 'cause I care.