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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Somewhere over the rainbow

Hello, siblings of mine (except the lucky, oldest one born in ND)!!!

I always thought I'd have to wait for the Governator Arnold to push through the Constitutional Amendment which would open up a way to pursue my dreams.

Does it matter that McCain was born outside the U.S.?

Please, please please make it matter, so that we can fix the problem with legislation and my siblings and I can start our campaign to take over the world!!! I don't want to have turned 35 for nothing this year.


Mrs. Señora Cobbey said...

Sorry that I'm not more like you in remembering details (remember that one time you had to tell me it wasn't my 30th birthday but my 29th?) but are you Vietnamese like Luther also?

Mrs. Señora Cobbey said...

It's a little ironical :) that the LATINA in your family CAN be the prez yet she doesn't want the job and the white girl who does, can't.