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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Therefore you should not name your dogfood Old Yeller

In the spirit of fairness to the Other American Pet, the dog, I give you an old story about a dogfood named after a dog who gets rabies and dies from an owner-inflicted gunshot.

For those who visit this here blob thingy in search of games and challenges: "It's like {tragic character} {food product}." I'll get us started.
It's like Beth from Little Women bubblegum.
It's like the guys who saved Private Ryan hotdogs.
It's like Bambi's mom salt licks.
Story at Flak Magazine, or if you prefer, the Kroger Stores press release.

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karin said...

The Yearling brand flea and tick repellent.
Billy Budd life jackets.
"Housebreak Your Puppy the Easy Way" by Lenny