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Friday, June 27, 2008

Breathing, being, seeing green

Five minutes 18 seconds counting on my coin-operated Internet access. 5:02... 4:57...


We're in Doolin, stunning country town on West Coast in Clare County just south of Galway. Lucious drive across from Dublin yesterday. An hour of sun broke through for Cliffs of Moher. Yummy local pub (I recommend the garlic mushrooms and cider) with trad'l Irish music and TONS of (well-behaved) tourists last night. Contemplating buying expensive wool sweater.

Would find this place quite relaxing if we didn't have to run off for more sites - hills, ruins, sheep, cows, potatoes, and ale - on way back toward Dublin today.

Keeping in mind this vacation is not about relaxing, but still can BE.

Eating lots of meat.

Having lots of conversations, some better than others.

Running out of Interweb time.

Looking forward to posting pix to share with you. . . . some day.

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