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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Leaving on a Jest Plane

Suitcase packed.

Carry-on packed.

House. . . taking a break from being cleaned for a minute or a million.

Cat-sitter prepped.

I'm off to Ireland for 10 days of international "First Year University Experience" conference followed by vacationing with boss and colleague friendies. The sheddy catties and computer cattie will stay here and miss the tall cattie while she wears wrinkly clothes and tries to be present in the moments and enjoy herself, keeping an eye out for the U2 catties (oh, and beautiful scenery and ancient Celtic stuff, I guess. Yay, basketball!).

Peace out, yo! See you next month.

Note: the "s" in this Blob's title was a typo. I believe typos are sometimes reflections of deep truths.


Anonymous said...

Did you jest get in?


Rini said...

surely you jest? i've been here for maybe 26-28 hrs now. hard to tell w/ time change and jet lag. all over jet lag now and heading into two very full days of conference sessions and then thursday we rent a minivan and drive across the island to the west coast for vacation. i'm actually looking forward to it, finally, after not being excited at all!!! (that is, when i don't remember the cats and wonder if they're still alive.)