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Monday, July 21, 2008

For a muse of fire*

You know how a blog sometimes might sort of rise above when it employs the metaphor? You know, like the opening anecdote to a sermon or speech, which starts out about a piece of clothing or an amusement park and ends up about the nature of good and evil or gender, through the power of well, not always subtly, placed metaphor?

Or, sometimes blogs just work on the basis of cute animal pictures.

Well, right now Buddy's working on his performance art project tentatively entitled "Cat Smells Like a Farm" (not photographable), and Georgie's on strike.

But, more to the point, metaphor right now makes me feel like I have the flu in my neck and cranium.

Although, that could just be the grey sky and heavy humidity. "Stormy weather" and all.

*. . . but fire more like what Tom Hanks made in Castaway, not fire like heartburn feels like.

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