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Monday, August 18, 2014

Counting my blessings, declaring the good

One of the heroes of my youth once crooned that "life is hard and it might not get easier." I can amen that. But, also, in the spirit of choosing hope through observing grace, I offer this bit of sunshine.

Today began with me feeling (physically) better than I have in the last week and a half -- buoyed by my new I-know-it's-trendy morning green smoothie (kale, banana, apple, mint, lime, strawberry, date, and almonds!) and a sky full of blue and cool breeze. 

Went to campus, caught up with a colleague (delegating to-dos, because sharing is self-caring), and took a bright student to coffee in town. We sat outside - it's a beautiful day - had a really nice conversation, hopped in the car, arrived back at campus, and I then saw I'd left my bag (with phone and wallet) on the sidewalk.

Back to town I sped, pulling messily into a spot on Cabot directly across the street, glanced out the the window and saw my bag sitting safely under the sidewalk table, 15 minutes alone in a bustling (albeit tiny) downtown.

Life is hard, but sometimes it's easier than it could be, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't make light of life's pain to declare the good. As I said to the woman having lunch at the table next to my not-needing-to-be-canceled-and-replaced-credit-cards-license-and-cell-phone, "God bless Beverly." 

And God bless us all with the bounce we need to stay hopeful on a sunny day.

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Susan said...

I would declare that finding your bag, cards and phone intact and undisturbed is a really BIG thing. Also your smoothie thing sounds delish. God bless YOU, Rini.