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Monday, January 11, 2016

Who's Yours: Where I was when (River Phoenix) died


Over nearly two decades, I've asked hundreds of people, "Who's yours?"

Generations of colleagues, friends, students, and sometimes random strangers are often ready and willing to say.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

John Lennon

Christa McAuliffe (or, "the teacher on the Challenger")



Matthew Shepard

Heath Ledger

Whitney Houston

Aaron Swartz

(David Bowie)

Who is the celebrity (or public figure) whose death you remember and perhaps felt the impact of?

If you're interested and willing, please share your response(s) with me. My ongoing study of social response to celebrity death is the focus of my research and writing this year, with hopes to weave it together and share in the realm of soon.

Contribute to and share this short survey whenever you're inclined: Who's Yours form. Or, contact me via Twitter or gmail: rini@[rinicobbey].com

(And if hiccup-sobbing and writing poetry signify, then River Phoenix is (one of) mine. GenX)

See also: Amy Winehouse survey, David Bowie survey.

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