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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Finding Me, Viola Davis: Audiobook Review

Finding MeFinding Me by Viola Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absorbing (I listened in just three sittings), intense, surprising, stark, direct, and infallibly hope-full. 

The last is something I am definitely not; hearing this vein in "Finding Me" felt similar to my listening experience as a not-Black, not-child of horrible poverty and of violence at home, not-EGOT. That is, I am grateful for the generosity of Ms Davis' sharing from her life to my privilege (minus the EGOT, I guess!). 

Ms Davis' memoir -- which must be listened to in her voice -- was especially accessible to me as a woman, actor-adjacent, sibling, and analyzer.

Two takeaways:
"What memory defines me?" (VD, via Will Smith)

"The question still echoes: How did I claw my way out? There is no out. Every painful memory, every mentor, every friend and foe served as a chisel, a leap-pad that has shaped ME. Me, the imperfect but blessed sculpture that is Viola."

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