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Friday, October 07, 2005

Age 33 1/10

In the vein of Adrian Plass: feel led to keep a blog.

Welcome to my experiment in un- or semi-directed communication. Since all my friends and students are doing it, I guess I should try it, too. Okay, not all. Not even most. Some. But, this blog will not get bogged down in semantics, except in the entries dealing explicitly with semantics.

Life These Days in all its fullness, tiredness, adventure, loneliness, joy, and interrupted-cell-phone conversations, sometimes could do with a little narrative or philosophical outlet. I haven't quite decided if the Blog is an inherently (harmfully) self-gratifying form of communication, or a blessed, truth-telling, wonderfully-connecting miracle in this crazy global village. So, since I'm pulling a Thoreau (living alone out in the woods, sucking the marrow out of life) this year, and since I'm procrastinating grading 50 papers on ancient Greek vases and coins, here goes...

Comments, suggestions, kindly phrased criticisms, and other postings welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I always feel like a voyeur when I read someone else's blog, even though you've made a conscious decision to post glimpses of your consciousness (or subconsciousness or unconsciousness) for all of us to see, and you've freely distributed the site address and put out a virtual welcome mat. Still seems sly. Still feels like I should type quietly, lest I give myself away, lest the Watergate break and I be discovered as an intruder. Still makes me feel just a little bit sad, as if I should be conversing more, sharing more, understanding more, listening more to/with/about friends. I know it's all the rage, and great things are happening, great stories and scandals are being divulged, great ideas shared, great connections forged through the medium.....But I'm not quite comfortable with it (label me a Luddite if you must). I'm glad you've started to log your ideas and inspirations for those in your inner (and not-so-inner) circle to read and grow from because they're great ideas, fabulously expressed. Keep at it, chica. And maybe I'll come around and start posting all kinds of comments on top of comments till you fold up your site, tuck it under your arm, and flee to an online haven whither I ne'er can find ye.....

Best of luck with the new e-home.