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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Awww, shoot. Never mind.

30 minutes: cat bed. 30 days: Ikea Poang chair.
I lose!


Mrs. Señora Cobbey said...

Is that an Ikea chair? Luther & Nels bought a chair si-mular to that one the other day.

Anonymous said...
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Mrs. Señora Cobbey said...

I just noticed that you said it is an Ikea chair in your entry. Duh.

karin said...

I was going to add (in response to our Universal Puzzle friend) that I too find this site an extremely useful resource, one which provides helpful tips on everything from cat-rearing to Spanish study.

Rini said...

McCobbey: yes, Ikea. Karin put it together. No worries about not reading closely; you're suffering from heat stroke.

Universal Puzzle friend: Sorry I had to delete your random-spam-ineffective-free-advertising comment, but glad you and Karin find the site useful.

Karin: Thanks for putting my-I-mean-Georgie's Ikea chair together.