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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good news

A chemical plant exploded a few miles from my house at 3 a.m. About 60-some houses and local businesses have been destroyed or damaged. The area around the plant/neighborhood is shut down. School closed. 10-15 people went to the hospital. Hundreds are evacuated. No one was seriously injured. No one died.

It is an apparent miracle.

While it has been the main subject of TV news in Boston all day, I haven't seen it on any national news sites.

So, I'm reporting it, because if it weren't a miracle and hundreds of people had been seriously hurt or killed, it would be international news.

Of course, it will be very bad/hard for the people whose homes and businesses and personal stuff is gone. But for everyone to survive with their lives, so inexplicably given the circumstances, is great news.

I vote for more good news stories, since they're really "news."

Salem News story.
Boston Globe coverage.


karin said...

I just read about it on Yahoo News (right before finding it here on your blog).

Rini said...

Super. And my sister sent me a CNN link. So, good job, good news people.