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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Best laid plans, meet this morning

One step forward: Get inspired with a smokin' plan for tomorrow's Sunday School class, sure to engage, inspire and transform the lives of my high schoolers forever and ever.

Two steps back: Find out Talladega Nights isn't even released on DVD for another week and a half!

Forward: Head to internet for backup SS plan.

Back: Internet access is down at home.

Forward: Panera!

And on...: Prep Sunday School plan for tomorrow: Check. Grade online assignments all day (requiring internet access without surrounding sounds of screaming babies, family conversations, Panera employees calling orders ready): ...

I'll give whoever reads this first $100 if you'll finish my weekend grading for me so I can go people watch in the mall. Grading in the mall is just not doing it.

1 comment:

P. W. W. said...

Sure, I'll do them.

Post-script: I'm one of your students.