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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Oh for fun!"

Celebrating abundance and being positive are the new pink.

In the spirit of jumping on a game of blog-tag without being invited, I say:

Some Things I Love (or really really like) (won't you love them, too?):

- Straws.

- Any period greater than 48 hours without a kitty seizure.

- Salad bars.

- Sunrise over the urbanscape out my home office window.

- Good cellphone service.

- Questions.

- Blankets.

- Conversation.

- Tomatoes.

- Cheese.

- Soy sauce.

- Being able to watch shows I miss when I fall asleep at 8:30 p.m. on the Internet the next day.

- Asymmetry.

- Snow days.

- Singing loudly with the radio in my car.

- Sunday afternoons.

- Tacos.

- Asparagus.

- Cooking.

- Cooking shows.

- Falling asleep (usually).

- Green.

- Minutes 20 and after of a 20-40 minute workout, if I'm not worried about finishing up so I can do something else on my list.

- Listening to other people's (strangers') intriguing (not mean or scary) conversations.

- Getting inside a (heated) building after walking hurriedly and hunched through below freezing, windy weather outside.

- When someone's character pleasantly surprises me.

- Crossing things off a list.


Mrs. SeƱora Cobbey said...

Well, the list I wrote on my blog was totally copying a friend of mine's list. Her friends decided to do that and she was the first one. I decided to do it also even though it was their thing.....I wasn't invited....But when I read her list, it just made me want to do my own.

I always like reading your lists....like your Christmas or birthday lists....

Redbaerd said...

overheard comments, eh?

then you'll like:


assuming you haven't already been there....