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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


At the corner of my road

My neighborhood is closed off - the parallel one-way roads which sandwich my building. A police car blocks entrance at one end of the road in the front of my building. Police tape and a traffic cop block the exit.

For the past couple of hours I sat by the window in my living room, conjugating Spanish verbs, and noticing a helicopter hovering in one spot a couple of blocks away. I didn't notice extra sirens - I live downtown in a large city.

I don't recall hearing an explosion.

But apparently there was one and two people are dead while police are/were searching for more exposives. A fire truck blocks the parallel road just outside my back wall of windows. One story (linked) calls it a domestic violence case.

I was trying to go out and buy the babies some cattie food as we're going to run out tonight. Foot traffic's not being stopped and I can make it to the big grocery store on the corner if I decide to go back downstairs. But for now, I'm just glad we're safe and not being evacuated, and I'm sorry for the sad life situation of my neighbors.


Anonymous said...

I guess it might be to late to call you now.
We're sure glad you're safe, too.
Did you go out for cat food?

Rini said...

Ya, it woulda been too late to call me even though on Spring Break I stay up late - until 10 or 10:30!

I didn't go out for the food last night. Had to explain to them this morning (they pretended they didn't understand me) why they needed to make do with the scraps left from yesterday because momma had to wait for Walmart to open before I could go replenish our supply. Walmart carries better quality catfood than any of my local grocery stores, chain or independent. (Well I haven't been in all of the dozens of tiny corner bodegas in my neighborhood to 100% verify this claim, but I'm pretty confident there's not one uniquely stocking semi-premium cat food.) I waited until 8 to go out. Turns out Walmart opened at 7, and the catties wouldn't have had to starve for that extra hour. Always living and learning.

Mrs. SeƱora Cobbey said...

Wow. It seems like you live in Baghdad or something.....always hearing about explosions and such.