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Friday, June 29, 2007

Chicks and Pigs

This week on "R & S Visit the Farm," S chats with chickens before our heroes pick-their-own fresh parsley, savory, oregano and thyme while R says "that's not how the song goes" one too many times.

Also, vegetarian "there's way too much produce in this deal for me" S continues her encouraging ministry to piggies by scratching their ears (though asking if they miss their friends who "took a trip" a couple of weeks ago).

R takes pictures with too little attention to lighting (and too little energy for photoshop) and is psyched by the inclusion of THREE HEADS OF LETTUCE and some CILANTRO in their haul today.

(Meanwhile, back off the ranch, G has stealthfully been SLEEPING IN HER CATBED heretofore relegated to toybox status because previously neither she nor B would step foot in it. Pictured here she makes a quick escape insisting "I wasn't being precious like a real kittie in my kittie bed! I wasn't!")

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