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Monday, October 01, 2007


You know how on the inside of a Dove chocolate piece wrapper there's a sort of proverb? Like the jokes in Bazooka gum or trivia with Snapple drinks, or "fortunes" with Chinese cookies?

My TA left me some graded quizzes with a piece of chocolate in my box.

I unwrapped the treat and glanced down at the shiny wrapper insides:

"Take a walk through frosty glass leaving footprints."
Which would make an entirely different impression than the actual word printed (grass).

What I misread serves as a better proverbial match for some of my recent "communication" forays. I'm walking along, talking away, thinking I'm reading my surroundings, and crash! I run into a frosty glass panel - metaphorically that would often be someone else's feelings. The weird thing is, I keep walking and talking. It takes me awhile, sometimes, to see the destruction around me. At least I'm not barefoot a la John McClane in Die Hard.

Well, anyway I got some unexpected chocolate out of the whole experience.

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