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Monday, June 16, 2008

Everything Falls In Place: Eat, Surf, or Be Billionaires

Current CNN top headlines include the following links, in this order (links not provided on my blob because I'm too lazy to apparently CNN's code automatically works to copy and paste URLs--do your own goofy "news" tracking!):

I feel there are always lessons to be learned through reading popular news websites' headlines as poetry.

I feel this so strongly I can hardly stand not going to a Hawaiian McDonald's to order an eleventy billion calories snack from a worker in El Paso. But, maybe I should invent a virus-less computer instead.

(I didn't actually click through and read either of the final two headlines, but I did skim the first onetwo, and now I'm informed.)

Please feel free to analyze and interpret this headline poem for me and your fellow readers. Extra points if you do it in haiku, limerick, or sonnet form.

Update: No disrespect intended toward billionaire Jobs, whose organs are, apparently represented in medical illustration form on the click-through page. Did I ever tell you about my SDA friend from college who did her undergrad degree in Art and went to medical school, now a practicing D.O. and freelance medical illustrator, whose work shows up in random news stories about famous people's insides when you least expect it?

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