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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Of Women and Sports Fans

Oh hi sportball fans and non sportsy friends and people. I am working on a thing. Maybe you could help.
What would it take for you to watch professional or national collegiate women's games on TV?
What would it take for you to get excited about a professional or national collegiate women's game or tournament?
I am particularly interested in (a) basketball, (b) hockey, (c) softball, and (d) soccer.
There's been a bunch of stuff written and said about "Why [Men and/or We] Don't Watch Women's Sports." I'm interested in some additional current, personal perspectives from real sports fans and non-sports people alike.
If you wouldn't hate briefly sharing your thoughts and feels, please do. No long, deeply analytical replies necessary! Comment on this post, FB or tweet me, or take my survey!
Feel free to state what seems to you like an obvious or not-new reason or point, if it's true for you. Or, hit me with some insight or personal perspective if you got it.
I'm into answers that are true for you, not (in theory or "well actuallyness") for Our Society. For you.
Also, if you can stretch your imagination beyond "I'd watch if there were more on TV," that's super helpful, too. But, for sure, note that as a factor if it's true for you, then consider as well: What if there were, at least for a trial period to gauge ROI, more coverage available?_______________________________________________________________________
If it helps to keep in mind, I watch 10-15 professional or national collegiate (men's or women's) sportball games a year, but I read about them every day, not least of all on my great friends' social media. My interest and questions are honest and sincere (if not entirely earnest).

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